Plain of Bones
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The Old World hides many secrets, among them a dark and dead land in the Chaos Dwarfs' domain where are resting the bones and remains of the ancient dragons. Some brave adventures claim that they have seen the rib-cages as large as hills mingle with skulls the size of castle towers and leg-bones larger than mighty oak trees. Is it true? Or is this yet another fairy tale?

Our studio inspired by this story decided to built a part of this ancient desolated graveyard. We dedicated the whole battle table to it on our upcoming FallenSUN Battle Party 5. You can see a huge dragon skull along with shattered parts of the rib-cage of this proud long-forgotten creature which count as an example of impassible terrain whereas ribs represent obstacles in the Warhammer Fantasy Battles game. The most striking piece of this mockup is definitely the gigantic dragon skull which length is nearly 600mm !!!

See photos below to experience the size with your own eyes.

Plain of Bones

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