New Realm of FallenSUN
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Realm of FallenSUN is the demonic Chaos Wastes that belongs to the Thorash's army who adores to fight battles on his ground so that the demonic powers and influences can grow stronger during a combat.

Every kingdom wants to expand so does our realm which gained new territories. We have two tables now and at last we can choose which mockups we will use during a battle. We added ruins of the Temple of Chaos and 3 hills as well as two table mats which were done according to our projects. From an earlier set we already had 3 obstacles, forest, two impossible terrains,the Chaos gate and the demonic tower which measures over 70 cm. Check out the full photo gallery of the newest as well as older mockups. If you have any questions: Ask me by forum.

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Realm of FallenSUN

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