FallenSUN Battle Party 3
Tournament - Warhammer - Chaos Wastes FallenSUN Battle Party - 6th edition - Zduńska Wola - turniej

Name: FallenSUN Battle Party 3
Date: 2017.02.04
City: Zduńska Wola
Venue: Starszakowo

Our next event this time was opened to the wider group. Our humble town - Zdunska Wola hosted people from Warsaw (4) and Opole (3). Thanks to the hobby restrictions we had a rare possibility to feast our eyes on 10 arrestingly cute armies.

For me it was a challenge, because for the first time I organized a tournament not entirely for my close friends. Preparations was terrible exhausting but the effect I got, was worth all these sleepless nights. I managed to add into my collection some terrains, models and chaotic table mats. I created a program that counts points at the end of each player game and show exactly how much time was left to the end of an encounter. For all the participants we had diplomas with my graphic and of course the most important thing – I painted two standards - one of them was the prize in the tournament and the winner had a choice which one he/she takes with him/her. I am very pleased with myself because everything went according to my plan, and eventually after the tournament our event turned into my birthday party. I love you guys ....

In this link you can see who and what armies took part in the tournament.


From the beginning, the table was dominated completely and totally in the masterful style by Jakub Demonstenes Polkowski. Congratulations!!! According to our tradition Jakub got a medal made from a potato. See below how the champion enjoys this fact!

Tournament - Warhammer - Chaos Wastes Battle Party - 6th edition - Zduńska Wola - turniej

Potato Medal:

Tournament - Warhammer - Chaos Wastes Battle Party - 6th edition - Zduńska Wola - turniej

I was pleased to take a heavy pounding from the Wood Elves army, which turned out later that belongs to our master. Another battle I played with my friend Profi and his beloved OnG . As tradition requires I also fought against the Miklas’s High Elves army, and ultimately last game was played against Yansed who commands the Chaos army – it was the fight of domination in the wastelands. I will remember it for a very long time because from the beginning it seemed that I had no chance to win until the Yansed general failed the test panic due to the defeated fight from his 5 dead Warhounds somewhere in the battlefield and finally he was eaten by my unit of Furies <3 Bad luck follows Yansed for the entire game but I was happy because the long-painted furies made a memorable move.

After the tournament, each player could vote for their own opponents and give him/her points for most pleasant / more fun / coolest game he/she played. The player who had majority of votes, has the right to choose one of our banners – painted for this occasion (FallenSun Battle Party Award). Originally, he had a choice among two prizes but we did a little surprise :) and add our third banner.

(FallenSUN Best)

It was shown that this was won by Yourand who did not hide his satisfaction :)

FallenSun Battle Party Banners

Tournament - Warhammer - Chaos Wastes Battle Party - 6th edition - Zduńska Wola - turniej

It was great... See you soon !!!

2017.02.04 BattleParty#3

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