Warhammer - Ogre Kingdom - Bragg - Ogre Khans - t9a

Sometimes happens that I must do a work that I don' t really like, for example to save a damaged model. It's a hard and time-consuming work especially when this model is made of Finecast and has been painted already. In such cases there is a high chance of failure, around 60%. But in my opinion I got along pretty well with this model. I have done everything I could to make this model look good.

You can find small freehand on skin inspired by icon from Diablo 1 game, a lot of blood and.... a sculpted head of the dragon. My friend really want to have it so I added it after I have finished whole model. He said: " I always forget about Heroic Killing Blow ability of this hero but thanks to it I will remember to use it."

I hope you like it as much as my friend and me.

Check more photos.

We hope You like it and REMEMBER we are OPEN to receive commissions from you to make your models painted just like you always wanted.


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