FallenSUN Battle Party

Name: FallenSUN Battle Party
Date: 2015.05.09
City: ZduƄska Wola
Venue: Starszakowo

Warhammer - Daemons of Chaos - Beasts of Nurgle - Pestilent Beasts - t9a - Orcs and goblins - Hobby Realm

Chaos Wastes Battle Party

Hello :) after long break we decide to rally and play some battles... and this is crazy (so call me maybe) but I was focused on paint models 2 days before and play when we meet again :) 72 hours with hobby but only (~7h of sleep) :P

Six people with full painted stuff :)

Amarell (Bretonnia)
Andrzej (Chaos Dwarfs)
Profi (Orcs and Goblins)
Dargan (Beasts of Chaos)
YoungOlo (Vampire Counts)
Thorash (Daemonic Legion of Destruction!)

Battles that I fought with my refreshed Daemons of Chaos:

Battleline: (1k) DoC vs OnG
Triumph and Treachery (1k) DoC vs VC vs ChD
Triumph and Treachery (1k) DoC vs BoC vs ChD
Battleline: (ETC) DoC vs OnG
Battleline: (1k) DoC vs VC

Sorry for quality of photos I was focus on game and fun not specifically on making photos...

2015.05.09 BattleParty#1

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