The Green Knight of Bretonnia
Warhammer - Green Knight - Bretonnia - Kingdom of Equitaine - t9a

Green Knight of Bretonnia - the former king Gilles Le Breton

Hello everyone!!!

First of all, I must mention that this is my first post at FallenSun.

Today, at last I'm proud to present you my favourite model from my bretonnian army. I love him so much - his history in front of new era in Warhammer, the End Times is great !!! I took me so long to start painting it because I don't know excatly with color scheme I should choose for him.

So, as time advanced I decided to paint it just like his rules said: the ethereal being. Green, blue and yellow colors dominate this model.

It was a battle of time for me because it took me only few hours to paint it before the Szturm 4 tournament. But I am pleased with the final result :)

Enjoy!!! :)

Green Knight

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