Blood Dragon Banner
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Greetings! Today, we want to show you something special. A part of the oldhammer history that we love sooo much. Our studio has a privilege to paint a Blood Dragon banner for our regular customer and a dear friend - Edgar, from whom we painted many undead banners. If you are interested in what they look like, visit our galleries.

Anyway, let’s back to our today’s hero. A fine, classic piece, which was an element of a Battle Standard Bearer’ miniature included in the Vampire Counts Army Box. The interesting thing is that there is a limited series of Army Standard Bearers, and other items which were released in the army boxes between 2000-2007 year, to be an extra incentive to buy a boxed set.

For example, from this time slot come some of miniatures and banners that we painted, like:

- Ogre Tyrant (December 2004 - WD299, Ogre Kingdoms Army Box)
- the standard top for Khemrian BSB ( December 2002 - WD275, Tomb Kings Box)
- the banner included in the June 2002 (WD269) Chaos Army Box

Check the links in the miniatures names to see our other works.

Blood Dragon Banner